How I Invented the Mitty, Part I
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How I Invented the Mitty, Part I

May 06, 2019


Originally posted April 20, 2018

Mitty Logo single dropletTake My Face Off is the result of a long struggle with my stubborn, oily, blemish-prone skin. Along the way, I tried too many skincare routines and treatments. Some of those routines required a washcloth, and my disgust with washcloths led to the Mitty.
Late one night, I was driving home from a concert (I was a musician at the time) and realized all my washcloths were either in the laundry or damply draped over my shower curtain rod. Yuck. I really loved this new cleansing routine, except that I didn't have enough washcloths to last between laundry days. I could never find new ones I liked--I tried different terrycloths, bamboo, organic cotton flannel, muslin, microfiber, you name it. They were all gross, clumsy, scratchy  squares.

That night, it hit me--almost everyone I know owns washcloths, but no one likes them. How hard could it be to fix this? Turns out, it was very hard. Read on to see what happened next in my post about finding the most awesome fabric ever.

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